Kosan Travel Pack System - Live on Kickstarter

From 11th century crusaders, to Louis Vuitton and Bob Plath, now there is Kosan. The evolution of world travel bags has arrived on Kickstarter

Introducing the world’s most comprehensive detachable travel system that is making travel easier, safer and more comfortable than ever - Kosan Travel Pack System

VANCOUVER | November 14th, 2017


After visiting over 30 countries, the founders of Kosan Travel Co. (www.kosantravel.com) were fed up with the uncomfortable and impractical two-bag system that is commonly used by world travelers and backpackers and so they created the Kosan Travel Pack System. Despite huge improvements in the luggage and suitcase industry since the 11th century, travelers looking for an alternative to wheeled suitcases have been left in the dark. They have had to resort to using patchwork solutions such as hiking bags and commuter bags, products that were never intended for travelling. How is it possible that after all this time, backpackers are still left wearing large hiking bags with knapsacks hanging off the front of their shoulders?

Kosan Travel Pack System

There’s no question about it, our need to carry our things around has resulted in significant improvement in luggage over the last millennia. The House of Moynet introduced a wicker trunk for travel, around the same time as Louis Vuitton create the iconic stackable steamer trunk. In 1989, Pilot Bob Plath created ‘Rollaboard’ luggage - the predecessor to our modern-day luggage on wheels. Fast forward to today, and not much else has changed. This is amplified by the fact that, according to Forbes, youth travelers are expected to take 320 million international trips annually by 2020. Travelers are consistently seeking out more immersive experiences while travelling, wanting to fully immerse themselves into new cultures.


To do this, travelers go island hopping through Indonesia and Thailand, taking the local ferries. They travel along bumpy, dirt roads in Tuk Tuks across the countryside in Cambodia, and weave in and out of traffic and down narrow back alleys on scooters in Vietnam. At each new destination, they explore cities, museums and monuments, they trek mountains and work from local coffee shops. This is the next generation of travelers, and it’s time for a new generation of travel bags that will enhance each new adventure.

Built on the feedback of travelers, The Kosan Travel Pack System is made for world travelers. The detachable system is made up of two bags, a Carryall Pack (35L) and a Day Pack (15L) that can be connected with durable spring clips via the harness. The two-bag system distributes the weight of your gear from front to back, and keep your hands free through all your moments of travel. “We are changing the way people travel. Travelers needed a bag that easily and efficiently adapted to their needs, no matter where they go. And that’s exactly what we’ve done,” says co-founder Karyna McLaren.

With Kosan, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your passport or keys, and you can rest assured that your valuables will be safe from pesky pickpockets. Your gear will always be organized and carefully packed away in the many organizational pockets and padded slots, and as for those ever increasing airline baggage fees? Well you can say goodbye to those as well, the Kosan Travel Pack System is carry-on compatible with most major airlines. Both bags are also convertible so that you won’t ever have to compromise again. The Carryall Pack can be converted from a backpack to a duffel bag and the Day Pack can be converted from a backpack to a messenger bag.


“We’ve spent the last 12-month developing, gathering feedback and field testing the Travel Pack System through South East Asia,” says Alex McAulay, co-founder, Kosan Travel. “As world travelers, it was incredibly important for us to design and develop a product that we’d actually want to use and that would stay in one piece. We’re happy to say the pack system took everything we threw at it.” Made with the best abrasion and water-resistant materials available, including Cordura ballistic nylon, a textile originally made for military body armour, the system is backed by a Lifetime of Travel guarantee. So unless you go deep-sea diving with the bag on, your gear is guaranteed to stay safe and dry.

The Kosan Travel Pack System is the future of travel, the perfect solution for travelers of all ages and walks of life. It will be available for sale on Kickstarter in black, and early backers will be able to snag theirs for 20-40% of the retail price of $345 CDN ($270 USD). This isn’t just another Kickstarter bag. It’s not a commuter bag, photography bag or hiking bag. This is a travel bag, designed specifically for the world traveler and is backed by a lifetime warranty.  


Kosan Travel Co. (www.kosantravel.com) is a travel gear brand designed specifically for world travelers. Founded by Alex McAulay and Karyna McLaren, Kosan was born on the belief that travel can effect positive change by inspiring new perspectives, and that the more people travel, the better off the world will be. Kosan’s mission is to build the best products for world travelers, and to help travelers prepare for their journey.


 For a link to our press kit and more information, please email Karyna@kosantravel.com